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Renato Goldoni, SEO SEM

Renato, SEO | SEM

Renato , Social Media Strategies search expert, started working with the Internet when he was attending university in Brazil. In a course in tourism, he was assigned to build and market a tourism website by himself. After 2 years the website was the in the top 10 tourism websites in Brazil ( + ) . What did he do to get the site a good average number of visits per day (average of 1500 visitors day). He used accepted ‘white hat’ search engine techniques and quality content to achieve these results.

Renato went deeply into the world of online ads and started to learn about SEO . He joined some Affiliate programs like Google, and another affiliate programs which brought good options for his users, an opportunity for them to have additional online services.

In his academic career Renato took an post graduate degree in Marketing and Business in Brasil (ESPM). In Canada, he has continued his studies at Langara College where he took some marketing and seo (search engine optimization) courses, and later went to Harvard University (2010) to attend some Business and Marketing classes. Nowadays Renato is the SEO Specialist for a web company in Brasil and shares consulting clients with Radiance D. Medanat, the founder of Social Media Strategies.

Working with Renato has been a wonderful experience. His calm, serious manner make him easy to be with and his deep knowledge of  SEO/SEM  inspire confidence in his ability to deliver results. ~ Radiance

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