Social Media Strategies – Setting up your business page on Facebook

Good morning. What do you most want to know about the use of social media for your business? Feel free to go to our discussion section on the Facebook page and post your question there.

I have decided to investigate setting up a business page on Facebook. I wanted to see exactly how the process worked and share it with you. Today I’ll cover some advice on using Facebook for business and the first set of instructions for setting up your Facebook business page.

How do you set up a page on Facebook?

First, some recommendations:

  • Set up a new Facebook account for your professional use.
  • Link your page to a professional email and content on Facebook
  • Don’t assume that separating your accounts will avoid crossover.
  • DON’T – yes, that is shouting – don’t put anything on your Facebook account, either professional or personal, that would hurt your personal or professional reputation.
  • Don’t post while under the influence.

First steps to seting up that Facebook page.

  1. First, select a professional email address to use. If you don’t have one, you might want to get a address. You can get this from Google.
  2. Go to Facebook and setup your account with that new email address
  3. Temporarily skip the steps to adding all your social friends to this account.
  4. To get a page, you need to go to the Advertising Section of Facebook. The Advertising link is at the bottom right of the page.
  5. At the top of the Advertising Page, you have several choices: Advertising, Pages, Share, etc.
  6. Select “Pages“.
  7. You can overview the instructions or go directly to the green button that says, “Create a Page“.
  8. You’ll see the screen below.
  9. Avoid public visibility until you're done.

    Avoid public visibility until you're done.

  10. Complete the Page setup and press “Create Page

Later today or tomorrow I’ll continue these instructions. For now, I have been delayed at the verification section of the creation page. Thanks for reading and check back soon.

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