Social Media Strategies: Cyber Monday

Happy Monday! I’ve been searching for a topic of interest all weekend. Writing a blog for your business can be extremely useful for attracting search engines to your website. In a previous post I mentioned that a survey of over 80 search specialists listed blogs as the #2 item in search engine optimization value.

Can companies really “engage” with consumers in a meaningful way?

However, it’s not always easy to find interesting things to say. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about social media. The buzz word these days is “engagement” but can companies really “engage” with consumers in a meaningful way?

Why do they follow you on social media?

According to Razorfish’s (Razorfish specializes in digital marketing) FEED report,

44% of consumers who follow a brand on Twitter do so for deals and,

37% of consumers who “friended” a brand on Facebook and/or MySpace do it for deals.

So if you thought they did it because they love you, then perhaps you need to recognize the truth. They do it for your deals.

An idea for your business – create your own version of Cyber Monday

Here’s an idea for your business. Is there a day in the week when traffic is slow and sales low? Perhaps you could create your own version of Cyber Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday) and let your Twitter and Facebook followers know that on that day there will be a special, perhaps a printable coupon, an extra discount, a two-for-one or something else that is exclusive to your social media followers.

They may not love you but they still want to know that they are special to you.

If you want to see the whole Razorfish presentation, I’ve included it below.

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