Social Media Strategies – Setting up your business page on Facebook, Part 2

This is the second post in a series on setting up a Facebook page for business. I recommend that you read the previous post first.

After you’ve completed Step 9: Complete the Page setup and press “Create Page“ you will see the following screen.

Get ready to edit your page

Get ready to edit your page

The big ? is where you should put your company logo. If your company logo, like mine, is long and narrow, you may want to have your graphic designer create a version that is rectangular, roughly 200px wide by 150px high. This will fit best into the space provided.

To the right of the question mark, the “Test of setting up a new page” is the title of my demo page. You should obviously choose something more creative and representative of your business and what you do.

facebook_page_image3 Mouseover the ? to see the “Change Picture” option and upload your new logo image.

Next, under the logo, click on “Edit Page”. You can work on these sections as you have time. They do not all have to be completed in one sitting. Also, remember to leave the page “unpublished” until you are done and happy with your work.

In my next post, I’ll look at ways you can start to get people to become fans of your page.

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