Article: Get Real Business Results from Social Media

Today I read a great article on PC World by James A. Martin. The article deals with real world applications of social media for small business. Martin talks about Naked Pizza and the success they’ve had with social media.

…Naked Pizza in New Orleans, which serves pizza with 100 percent natural ingredients. As you can tell from the tweets, Naked Pizza uses Twitter to send followers special offers. The company also tweets to converse with customers in a way that mixes humor with social and health consciousness–qualities that reflect Naked Pizza’s brand identity.

So far, Naked Pizza’s social media efforts are paying off, big time. At this moment, just one Naked Pizza exists. By summer 2010, as many as 50 franchises should be open throughout North America, according to cofounder Jeff Leach. He credits Twitter with playing a significant role in the company’s growth.

Martin describes how successful users of social media are benefiting.

  • Reduced ad spending
  • Enhanced customer service and customer relations
  • Valuable market research

I encourage you to read the entire article.

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