12 Questions to ask. What really, do you want your website to do for your organization?

Last night I was thinking about Social media and and all that came to mind were idioms, things like “cart before the horse”. That lead to questions where I tried to figure out what was the horse and what was the cart of social media. That lead nowhere except to the idea that you must know what you want before you embark on a website redo or start a blog or start twittering.

A lot of companies want to jump on the bandwagon (sorry, couldn’t help the idiom) of redoing their website or engaging in social media. Now, partly I agree with the getting started in social media since it takes a while to build up a following. On the other hand, what do you want people to follow you for?

So, first things first. If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, having some answers to these twelve questions would also be helpful (very!).

  1. What is the main goal for our website?
  2. What secondary goals do we have for the site?
  3. What does our website currently include?
  4. What is our website doing well now?
  5. How do our goals and the contents of our website match up?
  6. What is missing from our current site?
  7. What is wrong with the current ‘look’ of the site?
  8. Do we have the money and time to do this?
  9. Is there an alternative to a complete redo of the site?
  10. What about search engine optimization?
  11. What about landing page design?
  12. Will we do some sort of PPC (pay per click) advertising program and how will we integrate that with out site?

You can see that the list is long and there are many things to consider. Tomorrow I’ll spend some time talking about some of these questions and try to give examples of possible answers.

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