Social Media Baby Steps

I was talking to a client today and she was concerned about where to take those first steps in social media. She had started to set up a ‘page’ or group on Facebook but the clutter of options was not really what she wanted for her professional goals. I’m not saying that Facebook cannot be a great business tool, I just think there may be better ways to start.

Start with a blog?

If all else is equal, I would strongly suggest starting your social media strategy with a blog. A blog allows you to write articles of interest and tell people more about yourself than you can in short Tweets or busy Facebook pages. I would suggest blogging regularly and getting at least three good articles (posts) published before promoting the blog.

What next?

Step Two: I would then start to develop a Twitter profile and gather followers. This could take a couple of months. You should be careful to self promote very sparingly. People are much more interested in your sharing of useful information from a variety of sources. Tweets dominated with links to your website will soon indicate to a follower that you are only interested in promoting yourself and they may decide to unfollow you.

Another way to go about it..

As an alternate entrance to social media, consider creating a profile on LinkedIn. You can promote yourself, join groups, post or search jobs and start or participate in discussions. The discussions are business related. You can start to build an online network of useful connections via See my previous post about LinkedIn.

Final Words of Wisdom

Last piece of advice for today – don’t try and do it all at once. It’s not possible and could drive you crazy. Get into Twitter and LinkedIn and see what people are talking about. Search for topics that interest you and once you’ve got the lay of the land, then start participating with your own Tweets and discussion comments. At first, if you’ve not used social media before, it can seem overwhelming but if you take it easy, you will soon find yourself talking about Tweets and followers like the Twitterati.

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