Keep Track of All Your Social Media Accounts

Let my story be an object lesson to you. I am afraid that as I set up Twitter accounts, LinkedIn Account, Facebook,, blogs and so on, I put the user names and passwords in little Notes in Outlook on my computer. What this means is that I had to search the individual notes each time I wanted to access a different account. Yikes!

Organizing Your Accounts

Okay, maybe you’re much better organized than I am. If you aren’t then here is my advice. Using either Excel or a table in Microsoft Office, organize all your accounts. Here are the headings I used for my table:

  • User Name
  • Password
  • Associated Email
  • Associated Website
  • Goal
  • Twitter numbers at a specific date

Don’t forget your blog’s webhosting as well.

For my blogs I have two different sets of passwords – the WordPress login and password and the FTP access to the website hosting with both Username and Password. Having all this in one place, preferably printed out and updated regularly, can save hours of time and frustration.

Programs that can help

Two services, among many, have great benefits for helping you with Twittering. The first, which I’ve discussed at length in the past is What’s great about socialoomph is that you can list as many accounts as you want and you can tweet from whichever of them you prefer. You can also set up responses to new followers sorted by account.

Tweetdeck is great for tracking you followers and you can tweet to a variety of different accounts but I find being sure I’m tweeting from the correct account is a bit more difficult to determine. Several times I’ve tweeted from the wrong account. People following real estate may wonder why they have suddenly got some article about the SEO features of social media.

Don’t Say Your Weren’t Warned!

Whichever method of organization works best for you, get started with it right at the beginning of your social media strategy.

Thanks for reading.

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