Types of Social Media III – Link Sharing

StumbleUpon – a HIghly Rated Link Sharing Website

According to the StumbleUpon website, “StumbleUpon helps you discover and share great websites.”

I was delighted when I found this site. It has the usual front page with lots of catchy items (Squirrel Bomber Steals the Scene) but once you look deeper, you can find all sorts of very useful information. By the way, the Squirrel Bomber is a very cute photograph but a marmot, not a squirrel I suspect.

Here’s an example of more useful information to be found in StumbleUpon. Choose a topic-books, computers, photography- and press the Stumble button. You are shown sites of interest in your chosen topics. These sites have been recommended by other members. For example, if you like a site, you ‘approve’ it and it gets added to your saved sites and it also gets a vote as a useful site. This has advantages over traditional search engines because you see sites that have been rated by people like you.

In a few minutes of “stumbling” in the books section I found some exciting sites which I saved to my ‘favourites” and now I can easily find them again.

However, none of this is particularly important to the small business owner. What is important is StumbleUpon’s ability to get people visiting your website (in webspeak, drive traffic to your site). I have read amazing stories of this type of success. A far from unique poster on seomoz.com, a blog for serious search engine professionals, had this quote from a visitor:

“A few more numbers… one of my sites had 1007 stumble visitors in June, 1445 in July, and 845 for August (as of last night). On this site Stumble visitors view more pages than average and spend just a little less time than my average visitor. “

Okay,  I’ve submitted this blog to StumbleUpon.  I’ll let you know if it has increased the traffic to the site.

Update: Submitted the site to StumbleUpon at 2:00 pm. Got a spike in traffic between 3 and 5 pm.  of approximately 20 times.

I’ll have to investigate this more. Have a great day.

More coming next week.

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